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M18: Disable all stepper motors Examples M18 M18 X E0 Disables stepper motors and allows axes to move...

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Kickstarter Formosa CNC campaign

Story : We are a couple of French and Taiwan makers and we was start our activity of create digital making machines 2 years ago. We was start with success crownfunding campaign in Taiwan

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CNC Formosa 500

The new entry-level model of CNC Formosa.
The maximum machining area of 300x230mm and maximum height of 150mm machining

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Cutting aluminum

Depending on the quality of the assembly of your machine you can get with a Formosa CNC accurate machining ranging from 0,075mm to 0.15mm.

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Setting origin “0”

The origin of the machining in X and Y, the point from the tool have reference to move correspond with the origin of
coordinate system in your drawing in the machining preparation software

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